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It's been quite an adventure... but our new site is online! From now on this website is the place to be to get informed about all our activities, promotions, latest brands and so on. Above you can check out all the existing TREKK4X4-stores and you'll be the first to know if new stores pop up anywhere in Europe. Below you'll find our very own TREKK4X4 Magazine, which will deliver you news about adventure, 4X4 and much more. Sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, but always something you, 4X4-lovers, always would like to read about. And if you're not much of a reader, you can always visit our online shops and place your order. Because that's still our main focus; helping our customers and delivering those products as fast as we can... Enjoy!

Welcome to trekk4x4be

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Openingsuren - Les heures des ouvertures - Opening hours

Voortaan zal LPI - TREKK4X4 op Donderdag ook gesloten zijn om 18.00 uur. Op Zaterdag zijn we open van 10.00 tem 16.00 uur.

In future, LPI-TREKK4X4 will close also at 18.00 hours on Thursday.  On Saturday we are open from 10: 00 till 16: 00.

À l'avenir, LPI-TREKK4X4 jeudi fermé également à 18:00. Samedi, nous sommes ouverts de 10:00 jusqu'à 16:00






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New Drawer avalable "Made in Belgium"